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Possible inconsistences detected in anthropometric measurements. Please check the values printed in red.

Created:Oct. 31, 2014, 1:18 p.m. by cvassallo
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Comment:recordings at Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
Weight [kg] 70
Height [mm] 1840
Hand (wrist axis / 2nd knuckle middle finger) [mm] 167
Forearm (elbow axis / ulnar styloid) [mm] 284
Upper Arm (glenhumeral axis / elbow axis) [mm] 280
Forearm & Hand (elbow axis / 2nd knuckle middle finger) [mm] 340
Total Arm (glen humeral joint / ulnar styloid) [mm] 572
Foot (lateral malleolus / head 2nd metatarsal) [mm] 205
Shank (femoral condyles / medial malleolus) [mm] 495
Thigh (greater trochanter / femoral condyles) [mm] 456
Foot & Shank (femoral condyles / head 2nd metatarsal) [mm] 500
Total Leg (greater trochanter / medial malleolus) [mm] 960
Head & Neck (C7-T1 & first rip / ear canal) [mm] 133
Shoulder (sternoclaviar joint / glenhumeral axis) [mm] 200
Thorax (C7-T1 / T12-L1 & diaphragm) [mm] 260
Abdomen (T12-L1 / L4-L5) [mm] 146
Pelvis (L4-L5 / greater trochanter) [mm] 175
Thorax & Abdomen (C7-T1 / L4-L5) [mm] 476
Pelvis Width (between hip joints) [mm]
Trunk (greater trochanter / glen humeral joint) [mm] 540
Knee Width (femoral condyles width) [mm]
Ankle Width (malleolus) [mm]
Elbow Width (elbow joint width) [mm]
Wrist Width (ulnar styloid) [mm]
Hand Width (hand width at first knuckle) [mm]
Hand Length (wrist to middle finger / ring finger) [mm]
Shoulder Offset [mm]