Welcome to the KoroiBot Motion Database!

The KoroiBot Motion Database is a subset of the KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database.

You can find more information on the measurement devices used for recording the data available in the KoroiBot Motion Database and their accuracy in the KoroiBot deliverable 1.2 (second release of human walking database).

You can start browsing the Motion Database by clicking on Database.

  • The FAQ page contains the answer to some frequently asked questions about this database.
  • The Marker Set page explains the marker set used for motion capturing.
  • The Anthropometric Table page explains which anthropometric measurement are collected from subjects.
  • The Statistics page provides statistical information about the database content.
  • The Contact page provides information on how you can reach us.

This Motion Database is used within the European project KoroiBot (grant agreement no 611909) funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme.



The Ice interface of the database now requires Ice encoding version 1.1 (available since Ice 3.5). Please be sure to update your configuration file and also use the latest Slice file (see FAQ page).


Starting today, downloading files from the KoroiBot Motion Database using the webpage or the Ice interface requires an account. Registration is free and new accounts are active immediately.


Since the database now uses regular expressions instead of file extensions for file type detection, the labels of the file types returned by the Ice API have changed. Code that tests for predefined file types should be adapted.


All MMM motions in the database will be updated to the latest version of the MMM reference model (4 feet DoF) during the course of the next days. To work with this motions, please ensure that you are using the current version of the model, contained in MMMTools since 09.10.2015.


The KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database has been presented at the International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) 2015. You can read the paper here.